A slice of
multicultural life


Carol's latest book, The Girls from Alexandria, was published in April 2021. Reviews so far describe the novel as

'elegant, beautifully written, strikingly original‘ and 'a straight-up masterpiece'.

And here's what some have said about Carol's other fiction:

"Combines the wit observational wit of Nick Hornby, the emotional depths of Anna Maxted, and the complex cast of Armistead Maupin." JJ Marsh.

"Carol writes about sex very well." Ruth Rendell, CBE.

"Roddy Doyle with lipstick." QueenDido on Amazon.

The Girls from Alexandria

Set against the glamorous backdrop of mid-20th century Alexandria, the story is equal parts contemporary mystery and historical fiction focusing on family, identity, and homeland.

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Hampstead Fever

One hot summer, the lives and loves of six Londoners entangle in a cauldron of multicultural urban life. Chosen by WH Smith for a major promotion, Hampstead Fever will especially appeal to fans of the film Love, Actually.

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One Night at the Jacaranda

Can you build a relationship on a foundation of lies? Laden with baggage, six Londoners reinvent themselves and go looking for love.

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