Lively and to the point

TV, Radio & Voice-over

Carol is a regular on TV and radio, contributing to a number of programmes and giving expert opinions on topics ranging from medical breakthroughs to misdiagnoses. She also provides a variety of voice-overs.


Carol’s TV experience spans a range of programme formats including news, current affairs, magazine shows and documentaries.

News and current affairs
A frequent face on Five News, Sky News and Al-Jazeera English, Carol has appeared in scheduled weekly slots, and also provides an instant medical opinion whenever a health story breaks.

Carol has also appeared on many current affairs programmes, among them BBC’s Newsnight. She has contributed to BBC News 24, BBC World, BBC 1, ITN and Channel 4. She has also been an adviser and contributor to a number of documentaries in the UK and abroad, including the United States, Japan, Germany and Denmark.

Magazine programmes
Carol guests on several magazine programmes, including This Morning and Daybreak.

Carol’s video credits include Tamba’s Parenting with Multiples in Mind, and many online videos including a number produced for Streaming Well. She has also worked on several child health videos for Tamba, and a programme on managing arthritis.


Listeners to radio stations such as BBC 5 Live, LBC 97.3 and talkRADIO will be familiar with Carol voicing lively opinions on a range of health-related topics. She also takes part in phone-ins and radio PR campaigns, many of them on child health or rheumatology.

Voice-over and narration

Carol's voice-over work to date has focused on scientific content. However, with an international education, she speaks excellent French and fair Arabic, and can also handle other dialects and accents that may be needed for narration and voice-over. 

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